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The society aims to advance the study of fish pathology and the dissemination of knowledge specific to fish and shellfish diseases. This is promoted through its annual meetings and symposia; supported by the publication of its internationally renowned official society journal "Fish Pathology". The activities of the society cover a wide spectrum of basic and applied fish pathology, providing privileged information to fish pathologists worldwide.

Brief history

1966: The Japanese Society of Fish Pathology (formerly The Japan Research Group of Fish Pathology) was founded, and started issuing the quarterly academic journal "Fish Pathology". This journal is the oldest of its kind and keeps providing many significant and important data on fish diseases of the world.

Recent symposia

The Society committee also holds national symposia on a regular basis, dealing with topics of fish and shellfish pathology.
1999: New diseases of shellfishes (Sendai).
2001: Development of fish vaccines in Japan (Tokyo).
2008: The 5th International Symposium of the Japanese Society for Fish Pathology

Future subjects

1. Fish farming officer corresponding with HACCP and fish disease.
2. Supply of fish with high quality and safety to consumers.
3. Fish farming considering the environment impact and conservation.


All persons interested in the society and its objectives are welcome to apply and should contact E-mail: jsfp-post@bunken.co.jp

Annual fee: 8,000 JapaneseYen for foreign members.

Society office

International Academic Publishing Co., Ltd, Academy Center 358-5, Yambuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0801, Japan

Society officer (Apr/2021 to Mar/2023)

President: T. Yoshinaga
Vice President: M. Sano
Secretaries: N. Itoh, S. Izumi, J. Hikima, G. Kato, T. Kono

Editorial Board (Apr/2021 to Mar/2023)

Editor-in-chief: T. Yoshida
Vice editor: O. Kurata
Senior editors: S. Izumi, H. Kasai, M. Kondo, S. Shirakashi, N. Mano
Editors: H. Kasai, M. Sano, O. Kurata, T. Yoshida, S. Shirakashi, H. Yokoyama, M. Kondo, S. Wada, M. Ototake, T. Nakanishi, S. Izumi, N. Itoh, I. Hirono, Y. Fukuda, N. Mano
Managing editors: J. Hikima and T. Kono
Editorial office: Fish Infectious Disease Laboratory, Marine Environment Department, University of Miyazaki, Gakuen-kibanadai-nishi-1-1, Miyazaki, 889-2192, Japan (E-mail: journal@fish-pathology.com)

Submission of Papers

Papers prepared as electric files should be submitted via E-mail to the office